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GTA 5 Online - Corona Aim / ESP RageMP / AltV


GTA 5 - Corona Aim, ESP [RageMP / AltV / Online]

Run GTA5 in Windowed / Borderless mode
Inject into GTA5.exe using Manual-map ( Using Xenos Injector )
Wait for Beep and Press END.

[Injector Settings]



GTA 5 Cheat - Phantom v1.0 2D/3D Radar, Aimbot


GTA V Hack Updated November 2019

GTA 5 Deceived Mini hack


GTA 5 Hack
Deceived Mini hack by SeanGhost117 / Cych

1. unzip the archive and locate the contents.
2. Place the English.dcn file in %appdata%\Deceived\GTA Mini\Translations
3. Load up GTA and launch Extreme Injector
4. Change Extreme Injector to Manual Map and wait for the game legals to pass
5. Once the logger appears and the cheat is ready press - on the numpad or insert to enter

Menu key to open is - on the numpad or insert, delete to uninject

I present to your attention a cool cheat on GTA 5 Deceived Mini which you can download for free from our website. The developers of this hack for a very long time worked on this cheat and today they provide it for everyone to see. Great functionality, reliable protection from the ban and many additional modifications. Functions? Here the functionality is very nice, for example there is a God mode, a long jump, the maximum amount of health and armor, as well as: various functions related to transport, such as: God mode in the car, quick repair, maximum speed, autopilot (the car will go to the specified point) and much more. You think of the features of the entire setup under man and machine? no, you're wrong! There are also features that are associated with GTA Online, where you can set anti-AFK, adjust the weather, set the level of RP or unlock all achievements and much more. For a complete list of features, see this description.

CREDITS : SeanGhost117 / Cych

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