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Red Dead Redemption 2 - iTzNeutron Alpha

Red Dead Redemption 2 Hack iTzNeutron Alpha

A great hack on RDR2 with which you will dominate the game. With the free hack iTzNeutron Alpha in your hands will be a variety of opportunities with which you can easily play without any difficulties. There is everything for a competent and beautiful game. For example, the cheat on RDR2 includes in its functionality such functions as: Invincible, Clone Yourself, Super Jump, Infinite Stamina, Restore Health, Never Wanted, Invisible, No Ragdoll, Everyone Ignores and of course the working Teleport with which you can move to any location on the map, all this is easily configurable through the hack menu. There are also settings for weapons such as: Infinite Ammunition, One Shot Kill, Triggerbot, Force Gun, Gravity Gun, Delete Dead Clone Gun. And of course there are a couple of features for the online game mode Red Dead Redemption 2, namely: Aggressive Clone, Clone Player Horse, Teleport to Player, Spawn Panther.

How to Use:
Fully Load Ingame
Xenos injector v2.3.2
Inject .dll with a dll injector into RDR2.exe
Insert Key to Open & Close
Number Pad To Navigate
Number Pad 0 To Return

Available Injectors: Click Here


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