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Apex Legends Macro No Recoil Script

Apex Legends No Recoil Hack Macro

A small script for the game Apex Legends that you can download for free from our site. This script will configure your shooting and make it almost without recoil, it will not completely remove your scatter of bullets, but it will make shooting much more pleasant and accurate. This cheat only works if YOU have a Logitech gaming mouse, and this script will not work on other gaming mice. The script works on a variety of guns, see the full list under the description. The developer of this script is Not Bero. special thanks to him for the opportunity to play without scattering bullets in the game Apex Legends.

Following Weapons:
- R301 Carabine
- R-99 SMG
- SpitFire
- FlatLine
- WingMan
- Prowler
- Hemlok
- Devotion
- Havoc
- L-Star


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