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GTA 5 Online - Corona Aim / ESP RageMP / AltV

GTA 5 - Corona Aim, ESP [RageMP / AltV / Online]

Run GTA5 in Windowed / Borderless mode
Inject into GTA5.exe using Manual-map ( Using Xenos Injector )
Wait for Beep and Press END.

[Injector Settings]


Another useful cheat for GTA 5 Online, which is also ideal for such clients as: RageMP and AltV. The developer has been playing for about two weeks without a ban, so quickly download and start improving your game skill. The functionality here is impressive, there are all the necessary functions for a comfortable game in GTA 5 Online. The two most important functions in this hack are the Aimbot function, which serves for accurate targeting of enemies and quick elimination, as well as the ESP function, thanks to which you will see enemies through textures on the map like buildings, vegetation, walls, etc..


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