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Counter Strike 1.6 AlterNative Hack 1/20/2020

Counter Strike Cheat CS 1.6 AlterNative Hack


Incredibly cool hack on CS 1.6 AlterNative which is available for free download from our site. This hack is made in the style of hacks on CSGO, which is very convenient when setting up, as well as a very attractive menu. There are all possible functions that are present in the game CS 1.6. You can use this cheat as you like, for example you want to make sure that all players leave the server, for this you just need to turn on RageBot mode, set up Aimbot and other functions to suit your style of play and everything, destroy the server from the inside. But, if you want to play unnoticed and that other players think that you are a pro, then use the functionality of LegitBOt, set up functions such as ESP, Wallhack, TriggerBot and other subtle features for the eyes. Good luck!


Cheat Requirements need to install:
Net Framework 4.5 : Click to download
Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable: Click to download
Visual C++ Runtime Packages: Click to Download

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