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APEX LEGENDS HACK | Aimbot | Wallhack ESP Glow

Apex Legends Cheat Updated 2019
Apex Legends Hack

Run LoaderApex.exe as Administrator;
Start the game;
In the game run aaaapex.exe.

config.ini-file in which the button for AIM is exposed
README.full list of button codes can be found here
F4-unloads the cheat (or just close the console)
Like as support all versions of Windows except build 9200 (tested on 10 1903)


Free cheat on Apex Legends which you can download from our website. This is a free version of the hack from the famous developer Lafko, the author is not responsible for your game accounts, because there is no protection and the cheat is completely created for the game on the fan. Create a separate account if you are afraid of losing the main one and have fun. The functions here are the most standard, just from here two-this Aimbot with which you can shoot accurately at your enemies, thereby causing more damage and eliminate the enemy in seconds, as well as the Wallhack function (ESP) which will display your opponents and allies for textures on the map, simply put, You will see your opponents through the walls and other obstacles in your way.

ESP GLOW - player illumination
ESP GLOW COLOR - changes the color of the backlight depending on the number of HP of enemies from green to red
AIM bot - auto aiming at the enemy when you press a certain key

Cheat Requirements need to install:
Net Framework 4.5 : Click to download
Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable: Click to download
Visual C++ Runtime Packages: Click to Download

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